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World Earth Day 2019: Google Doodle Celebrates the Beauty of Our Fragile Planet

Our planet is home to many fascinating creatures, and to observe Earth Day 2019, Google made a definitive Doodle that appreciates Mother Nature's beauty.

When you click on the Earth Day 2019 Google Doodle, it zooms in to demonstrate a portion of the planet?s coolest animals and plants. Unlike other Google Doodles, the Earth Day 2019-themed one highlights fun actualities around six of the world's most interesting animals and greenery, including the meandering albatross, the beach front redwoods, and more kinds of gorgeous biodiversity. Made by Doodler Kevin Laughlin, the Earth Day 2019 Google Doodle expects to demonstrate everybody the qualities that make our planet a wonderful place to live.

?This year?s annual Earth Day Doodle takes us around the planet we call home to discover some of the awe-inspiring organisms which inhabit it. Specifically, the interactive slideshow Doodle explores six organisms across elevations?along with their earthly superlative,? Google said in a press statement.

At the point when the Doodle first opens, the first animal you will see is a meandering albatross, which has the most stretched out wingspan of any living bird. Next, the Doodle demonstrates the waterfront redwood, otherwise called the tallest tree on Earth. The Doodle additionally flips through the Paedophryne Amauensis, which holds the world record for the world's littlest frog and littlest vertebrate, and the Amazon water lily, one of the planet's biggest oceanic plants. Finishing off the Doodle is the coelacanth, a 407 million-year-old water creature that is one of the world's most established living species and the profound cavern springtail, one of the most profound terrestrial creatures..

?It?s very easy for us humans to think of ourselves as something apart or separate from nature,? Laughlin said in the press release. ?If you pick just one day a year to remember that we?re all of this earth as much as a worm, mountain, or tree, Earth Day can be that day.?