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Volkswagen Launches Tesla Killer ID.3 Electric Car, Now Available For Preorder

The Volkswagen Group can truly be considered a Tesla killer because of its gigantic resources and technologies,unlike smaller rivals in the U.S. and China that have laid claim to this title on the quality of a single electric vehicle (EV).

Volkswagen yesterday turned into the stuff of Tesla's bad dreams by declaring it's begun taking pre-arranges in Europe for the long-awaited ID.3, its first long-range EV.

ID.3 is an electric car dependent on the MEB stage (Modularer Elektrobaukasten) created by Volkswagen for a scope of EVs manufactured by its subsidiaries. ID.3 is the main EV series from VW reason developed starting from the earliest stage an EV.

VW uncovered the ID.3 will be gathered at its Zwickau factory. It hopes to deliver 330,000 ID.3s every year, a number more prominent than every one of the EVs produced by Tesla in 2017 and 2018. ID.3 will be one of five new VW models dependent on the MEB platform.

ID.3 will come in three versions. The basic version will include voice control usefulness and a navigation system. The ID.3 1st Plus edition, which was presented in Berlin on Wednesday, will accompany fancier inside lighting and a two-tone outside.

The ID.3 first Max will be packed with innovations like an expanded reality heads-up showcase. It will likewise have a vast all encompassing glass rooftop.

VW said all versions of the ID.3 will be upgradeable via software updates like Tesla. Updates will come either through the VW dealer network or over-the-air, said J├╝rgen Stackmann, VW head of sales and marketing for the passenger cars division.

With respect to value, the essential ID.3 variant will begin at under ?30,000 ($33,600) and will travel 330 km (around 200 miles) on a single charge utilizing a 45kWh battery. It will likewise have 58kWh and 77kWh configurations, which will get 420 km (261 miles) and 550 km (342 miles), individually. All models will be fit for 125kW DC quick charging.

Pre-orders require a ?1,000 ($1,118) deposit. Production is slated to begin at the end of 2019 with deliveries start in Europe by the summer of 2020.

Stackmann also said VW will offer a full warranty on the ID.3?s battery for up to eight years, 160,000 km (about 100,000 miles), or the depreciation of the battery to 70 percent of its original maximum capacity. He said ID.3 will be equipped with advanced driver assistance technology.

The MEB platform will be the foundation for the Volkswagen Group?s target of making 22 million EV in the next decade, a number Tesla will be hard pressed to match.