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SNOW: Oxford traffic and travel cautioning for Saturday

DRIVERS and different travellers could in any case be hit by traffic and travel issues even after a yellow climate cautioning was lifted.

The Met Office's notice expired at 11am today, yet freezing temperatures mean some untreated roads and ways will remain treacherous as yesterday's snow swings to dangerous ice.

The climate cautioning was set up over the whole south of England and some train and bus services continue to be influenced by the conditions.

With parts of Oxfordshire forecast to get much more snow around 11pm the night, a few inhabitants got up toward the beginning of today to find that roads and ways cleared yesterday were secured once more.

Thames Valley Police streets division yesterday encouraged drivers and people on foot to take the most extreme consideration when travelling.

National Rail has cautioned individuals that services on South Western Railway, which runs trains from London as far west as Exeter, could confront disruption until midday.

The climate gauge for Oxford early today is bright sunshine, however with temperatures drifting just underneath zero until 9am it will take hours for snow to dissolve.

What's more a windchill between - 1 and - 6 will make it feel a lot colder than it is.

Despite the fact that the climate cautioning has lapsed, many rural roads in Oxfordshire - particularly those in the shade - may remain cold and hazardous for a day.

Oxford Bus Company has said it will not be serving Dean Court on the 4C service for the rest of the day, although all other services are running normally again this morning.

Stagecoach, meanwhile, in its last update at 7pm yesterday, said three of its services were still disrupted:

S3 - Unable to serve Cornish Road in Chipping Norton.

488/489 - Unable to serve Cornish Road.

B9 - Unable to serve Usher Drive.

The company said it would be reassessing all routes this morning and posting updates on its website.

Looking forward to tomorrow, temperatures are set to remain freezing for the whole of Sunday, with little if any sunshine.

Windchill will sink as low as -7 and there may be some light rain in the afternoon.