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Jerry Jones addressing absence of achievement after third back to back misfortune

Dallas Cowboys proprietor and senior supervisor Jerry Jones didn't make any announcements about changes to Jason Garrett's activity status after Thursday's 31-24 misfortune to the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, however they questioned why the list isn't creating results.

These guys are mentally OK for me, and all these guys are talented enough for me, so that's good, Jones said. I'm questioning how to put together a coordinated one that complements each other, how to put together a team that can win a football game. ? We're not collectively getting together as a team and doing the things it takes to win ballgames.

Rather, at 6-7, the Cowboys are buried in their subsequent three-game losing dash of the period, in spite of a generally sound list.

It's leveled out here. It's losing, losing, losing. I'm not trying to be funny here, but the point is we've got to win a football game, Jones said. I don't care what the standings are, what the numbers are. We had thought that we could come up here and play a good team, play a fine football game and get our act to where we're starting to look like a team that could -- if we by the slim chance get in the playoffs -- where we could win. We can't do that until we play and start winning the football games, and we've got three more to play. When we do that, we can go.

Thursday's misfortune was a dissatisfaction. In the wake of driving 75 yards on 17 plays for a touchdown on their first drive, the offense slowed down until the final quarter when the game was crazy. The resistance constrained a takeaway without precedent for four games on the opening belonging, yet surrendered scores on the following four belongings in the main half.

The Cowboys scored 17 in the final quarter to close the hole however that didn't intrigue Jones.

We know that the score didn't indicate how bad they beat us tonight, Jones said.

Garrett's employer stability has been an issue since the opening of preparing camp since he doesn't have an agreement past 2019 and will keep on being a greater subject in the last three weeks.

Garrett said he accepts the players are as yet purchasing in.

I just see how they come to work every day, Garrett said. I see how they practice, and unfortunately we didn't carry the practice work to the game.

Nor did Garrett see any players quit.

I don't believe that, the coach said.

The Cowboys will stay in the lead position in the NFC East regardless of whether Philadelphia beats the New York Giants on Monday based off their October win against their division rival, however this was a season that should be about more than making the end of the season games.

Presently Jones couldn't care less if the Cowboys finish 7-9 or 8-8 and make the postseason.

Are you asking me if I would take the division and go to the playoffs, if we got in on any basis? The answer is yes. Absolutely, yes, Jones said. Acceptable? I don't know. Not if we're not playing good, but if we're playing a lot better than we played tonight, I'll take getting in. [Are] you talking about getting in the playoffs? Well, yes, I would on any basis. I realize if we don't play better in the last [three games] than we looked tonight, then that's tough to think about having success in the playoffs, but your goal, the first goal is to get to the playoffs.