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BMW iNext, electric Lyft, Tesla Model 3 price cut, profitable GM EVs

Tesla cut costs on the Model 3?once more. BMW revealed the following adaptation of its iNext SUV winter testing in Sweden. Lyft intends to give customers and drivers electric lifts. Also, GM CEO Mary Barra says the company's electric cars won't be profitable until the early 2020s. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Reacting to cuts in its tax credits and as far as possible of its free-Supercharging referral arrangement, Tesla chopped the cost of the Model 3 by another $1,100. Be that as it may, in spite of a tweet by CEO Elon Musk, it isn't yet a $35,000 car.

BMW uncovered the, ahem, next form of its iNext SUV winter testing in northern Sweden. The X5-sized electric SUV is relied upon to be the third in new range of electric cars from the automaker, and the first to utilize its new age of battery innovation.

Car-sharing administration Lyft wants to follow in Uber's tire tracks by providing electric cars to its drivers and allowing riders to pick electric Lyfts. The system began in Seattle and Atlanta this week, and the company plans to move it out somewhere else through whatever is left of the year.

GM CEO Mary Barra has set America's biggest automaker on a way to manufacture only electric cars. In the meantime, she has restructured the company, shut processing factories, and laid off thousands. Presently she says GM's electric cars may not be profitable until the early 2020s?but that could be as soon as a year or two from now.

Spanish brand Hispano-Suiza hasn't built cars since the Depression, anyway it might be the most recent exemplary extravagance marque to go electric, in a recovery driven by the founders' great grandson. The new idea car, named Carmen after the founder's granddaughter, is set to debut at the Geneva auto show next month. The company released a few teaser images to go with the announcement.

At last, truck clients won the day when Toyota declared at the Chicago Auto Show on Thursday that refreshed forms of its 4Runner, Sequoia, Tacoma, and Tundra, will incorporate Android Auto for 2020. The move is a flight for Toyota, which has been reluctant to include the Google interface.