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An Alternative to CCD? Ryan Bilodeau will email you Catholic Ingredients

Generations of Catholics went to CCD or Sunday school to learnabout God. These days they can just open their email.

Catholic Ingredients, a newsletter that helpsCatholics grow in their grasp of the Catholic faith through an emailnewsletter, hopes to be live by the end of the year.

Ryan Bilodeau, an author and high school theology teacher in Concord, NH, has createdCatholic Ingredients, an email newsletter, to help everyday Catholics learnabout the Catholic faith. He commented, ?A recent study has shown that humanbeings have the attention span of a goldfish. In this globalized world, peopleare busier and working more hours than ever before. And these days it seemslike even God is competing for our attention. My hope is that the CatholicIngredients newsletter will meet people where they are and bring them back tothe faith in the process.?

Mr. Bilodeau undertook this project as an aid for Catholics hopingto cement their understanding of fundamental Church teachings and out of asense of responsibility because of the importance of the Gospel and thespreading thereof. As Jesus tells us, ?Man shall not live by bread alone, butby every word that comes from the mouth of God.?

Catholic Ingredient lesson plans apply accessible theology tocontemporary Theological topics. The course goes beyond the surface in offeringrich Theological commentary and sources. Those enrolled in the course and whohave Theological questions will have access to instructors.